David Roualdes' Executive Biography

David Roualdes possesses 30-years of executive management, strategy, and execution experience. While his skills are incredibly diverse, David is highly technical when it comes to Internet, software, and technology.

David's career started at age 20 while attending the University of San Francisco. He took a dorm-room startup and built California Graphics, a highly-profitable technology-driven enterprise that pioneered many services within the Internet, marketing, and advertising industries.

Growing California Graphics into a multi-million dollar enterprise, David managed it through various cycles of evolutionary and technological change; championed Kaizen for continuous improvement; and architected ERP software applications including B2B, B2C, SaaS, CRM, and e-Commerce systems. He led marketing and advertising projects for clients such as PwC, Chevron, Wells Fargo, Autodesk, Sun Microsystems, Ubisoft, Mother’s Cookies, McDonald’s, John Muir Medical, URS, and MTC. His business development efforts generated sales upwards of $30-million. With 21 years of management experience under his belt and in need of a change, David successfully sold the business.

The recession soon hit. Seeing so many people struggling to find work, David envisioned a SaaS product for job search. Successfully pitching Tom Morinini, Founder and CTO of Engine Yard (recently purchased by Microsoft) and other prominent investors, David soon found himself at the helm of the Internet startup, Job Aspirin. David set up international operations; oversaw multiple teams of developers; product managed and successfully launched numerous iterations of the Job Aspirin CRM for organizing and tracking a job search; pitched and gained more investment; and led business development to garner the United States Air Force as its largest client. After helping countless citizens and veterans find jobs, the recession proved just too resilient. Job Aspirin close its door. It was a mixed bag of proper execution, poor economic timing, lessons learned, and feeling proud for helping others.

Still, knee deep in the recession, David wanted to put his years of management experience to good use. Wanting to help struggling businesses, he founded the firm Virtual TuneUp Consulting.

His first client, Viking Pavers, saw their sales plummeting. Within nine months, David turned around the company in the heart of the recession by revamping marketing and operations. With the contract completed, David left management with a business plan to grow the company further.

The City of San Rafael soon called on David to manage its IT Department as the current IT Manager was overwhelmed with too many initiatives needing completion. Jumping into the fire, David contracted with the City through Virtual TuneUp to co-manage the IT Department and lead the project management of hundreds of mission-critical IT systems upgrades in the Police Department, Fire Department, Public Works, Public Library, and greater City. While there, David used Kaizen to improve processes, policies, and procedures.

David's consulting talents soon attracted the attention of the California State Automobile Association. David landed a contract to work on the largest IT project in the company's history, a multi-year $104-million process engineering project for their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and PAS (Policy Administration System). David led risk management analysis and mitigation for the project as well as product managing the critical timeline plans for future software development.

With the recession having ended, Viking Pavers became a leader in the hardscaping industry in the Bay Area. Sales increased by $4-million. However, with its rapid growth came many associated organizational problems. David contracted with them once again; grabbed the reins of operations; implemented Kaizen for continuous improvement; developed an ERP application to centralize all business management operations; revamped their financial management practices; and controlled their growth. David also helped them smoothly scale their workforce from 20 to 40 employees.

On a personal note, David and his wife are going on 31 years of marriage. They raised three young adults now in their 20s. Outside of his love for being around his wife and kids, David is passionate about hiking, biking, cooking, learning new technologies, working on never-ending-house projects, and entertaining friends.